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Coastal Health is a multi-specialty healthcare organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients across a wide range of medical disciplines. Coastal Health comprises more than 80 certified providers and a highly trained staff of 500-plus employees across our extensive variety of multi-specialty divisions, including Spine & Pain, Injury, Orthopedics, Physical Therapy, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Research and Addiction Medicine.

At Coastal Health, the primary goal is to deliver the highest standard of care to patients. This commitment is exemplified through the use of advanced, modern treatments and innovative medical technologies. By staying at the forefront of medical advancements, Coastal Health aims to provide cutting-edge solutions that enhance patient outcomes and improve quality of life. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, Coastal Health continues to make a significant impact on the healthcare landscape, positively influencing the lives of countless individuals within the communities we serve.

Meet Our Leaders

Andrew T. Christman

CEO, Coastal Health

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Andrew T. Christman

CEO, Coastal Health

Andrew T. Christman is a highly accomplished and results-driven CEO with a proven track record in creative problem-solving, relationship building and team synergy. With a strong background in healthcare business administration and a passion for making a difference, he has consistently delivered extraordinary results through his leadership and team-building skills. Christman excels in handling multiple projects in fast-paced environments, where he thrives on achieving goals and accomplishing the impossible.

Christman’s educational foundation includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Adminsitration with honors from Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

As CEO of Coastal Health, a premier multi-specialty healthcare organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Christman brings extensive expertise and accomplishments from his previous roles. At Apex Healthcare Strategies in Bradenton, Florida, he served as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, overseeing annual healthcare expenditures of over $720 million. Driving the success of the company under Christman’s leadership, Apex Healthcare Strategies, managed internal staff of 215+ and was responsible for financial budget management and healthcare focused business strategy. He has a proven track record in optimizing revenue cycles and day-to-day operations for more than 500 independent practices over the last 20 years, implementing efficient practice management systems and EMR configurations, legal and regulatory compliance, and public relations and branding.

Christman offers additional expertise in billing and payor relations. His role as the Area Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at ZirMed in Louisville, Kentucky further showcased his mastery in medical billing and revenue cycle management becoming a subject-matter expert in an ever-changing healthcare marketplace. Christman also worked closely with the product development team to enhance ZirMed’s offerings and to provide consultative support to prospects, helping them understand and implement technology.

Seeking a servant-leader approach to his role as CEO of Coastal Health, Christman envisions a workplace rooted in empathy, selflessness, service and ethics, crafting a value-based ethos that guides the company. Christman challenges his team members to embody the ideal team player essential virtues of: “humble,” “hungry” and “people-smart.” By fostering these virtues, he aims to cultivate individuals who excel as team players through personal understanding of self, possessing strong interpersonal skills and who relentlessly pursue self-improvement.

Christman’s expertise extends beyond his professional roles. He is affiliated with organizations such as the American Academy of Professional Coders, the American Society of Health Informatics Managers, the Healthcare Informatics and Management Systems Society, and the Medical Group Management Association. These affiliations highlight his commitment to professional growth and staying abreast of technological and industry advancements.

With his background and dedication to excellence, Andrew T. Christman continues to be a driving force in the healthcare industry, leading Coastal Health to new heights and making a positive impact in the lives of patients and practitioners alike.

Gregg Taboh

COO, Coastal Health

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Gregg Taboh

COO, Coastal Health

Gregg Taboh is an established figure in the interventional pain space, with more than two decades of experience. He serves currently as the Chief Operating Officer for Coastal Health, a premier multi-specialty healthcare organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

Taboh began his career in the pharmacy arena and gradually expanded his knowledge across various service lines in the complex field of pain management. Throughout his professional journey, he played a key role in the strategic growth of different practices, which subsequently positioned them for successful partnerships with equity firms. His primary specialties include the development of central and dispensing pharmacies, laboratory structures, durable medical equipment, ambulatory surgery centers and clinical research.

Taboh prides himself on his ability to enhance culture within organizations and to drive strong relationships among providers and staff. His passion for building a great culture and cultivating trust among his teams is always a top priority. He understands the importance of fostering a positive work environment that promotes collaboration and productivity.

Prior to joining Coastal Health, Taboh served as Chief Operating Officer for a national spine and pain center, where he was responsible for 14+ ambulatory surgery centers, a national pharmacy, several toxicology laboratories, clinical research, and 60 medical facilities with an annual revenue of $200+ million.

Originally from New York, Taboh was born in Brooklyn and raised in Westchester. He currently resides in central Florida with his wife, daughter and two dogs. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Hartford, Connecticut. Outside of work, he enjoys engaging in activities such as running, biking, and traveling with his family. The Taboh family is actively involved in multiple youth charity organizations, reflecting their commitment to philanthropy and community.

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Explore the remarkable opportunities awaiting you at Coastal Health. Our umbrella offers an array of roles and positions, each as unique as the individuals who make up our community. Our focus is on aligning your expertise with the perfect role at Coastal Health, whether you are a specialized physician, surgeon, physician assistant, or a nurse practitioner, we invite you to learn more. If you are a nurse, medical assistant, front or back office support, x-ray or lab tech, or excel in customer service, we invite you to apply. We are always sourcing new talent.

United within our close-knit Coastal Health community, we’re dedicated to continuous skill enhancement, staying abreast of the latest techniques, and delivering exceptional patient outcomes. Our commitment to our Coastal family, culture and quality of care is bolstered by the personalized thoughtfulness and individual attention that define the Coastal Health experience.

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