Facet Joint Syndrome

Applies to: Back, Head, Hip, Neck

Facet Joint Syndrome

The facet joints, located between each pair of vertebrae in the back of the spine, serve as connections in the spine through which nerves pass, extending to various parts of the body.  

Facet joint syndrome arises from injuries to these joints, often resulting from accidents, overuse, spinal arthritis, or even when a vertebra slips in relation to adjacent vertebrae. In this condition, the joints become swollen or compressed, impacting the nerves and leading to painful pinched nerves. 

Symptoms include localized pain and restricted body movement, often accompanied by stiffness. 

Pain related to facet disease can be diagnosed through a complete physical exam or a diagnostic facet injection, where a numbing medication is injected into the facet joint. If the pain ceases, the facet joint is responsible for the pain, not the surrounding area. 

Coastal Health offers assistance in diagnosing facet joint syndrome. We provide options for medication management, facet joint injections, ablations, and other relevant treatments to alleviate the associated discomfort and improve overall well-being.