Kidney dialysis is used to filter waste from the human blood. A kidney dialysis machine looks like a tall and narrow ATM machine and gives patients with liver disease or failure the ability to clean their blood while they are either waiting for the liver to heal, to undergo a transplant or it can be a permanent option for patients that don’t have any other options. Besides filtering waste, the kidneys also regulate the body’s fluid balance. There are two main types of dialysis, peritoneal and hemodialysis, which can offer patients different benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of hemodialysis:

  • It is conducted by trained health professionals monitoring for problems.
  • Gain emotional support from fellow dialysis patients
  • It takes less time and requires fewer days of commitment to dialysis.

Advantages of peritoneal dialysis:

  • Gives patients the freedom to conduct the dialysis at home or in any clean place.
  • Allows for travel
  • Can sometimes be done while sleeping
  • Not as many food and fluid restrictions