PainTeQ LinQ Procedure


The LinQ procedure from PainTeQ is a sacroiliac (SI) joint stabilization system that provides SI joint dysfunction patients with a minimally invasive solution to combat pain. After a thorough diagnostic process, physicians can help alleviate and, in many cases, eliminate chronic pain through this type of joint fusion. The LinQ procedure has a faster recovery time than a traditional fusion. In addition, it uses a posterior approach that allows physicians to avoid nerves and large blood vessels, keeping patients safe.

The LinQ procedure involves the insertion of a small bone allograft implant in the SI joint and is designed to stabilize and fuse the SI joint. This procedure is done through a small incision in your lower back and is usually completed in less than one hour.

It is an outpatient procedure, with most patients going home the same day after the anesthesia wears off. Those who have it done can resume daily activities within a few weeks, as many notice a significant reduction in pain almost immediately.