Cubital Tunnel Ulnar Nerve Release

Cubital Tunnel Ulnar Nerve Release

Cubital tunnel release, or ulnar nerve release, is an outpatient surgery that reduces pressure on a compressed nerve in the arm by giving the nerve more space. This allows more blood flow so that the arm can heal. This treatment is specifically for cubital tunnel syndrome. 

With cubital tunnel syndrome, an injury around the area we know as your ‘funny bone’ may cause pressure around the tunnel that houses the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve wraps from your neck to your fingers. When the cubital tunnel is compressed, the ulnar nerve gets damaged, which often causes moderate to severe pain and numbness in the elbow and the pinky and ring fingers. 

Cubital tunnel syndrome can be caused by overuse, which causes stress or trauma at the elbow. Sufferers may feel a ‘pins and needles’ sensation from the elbow to the fingers. 

Without treatment such as cubital tunnel release, there is potential for intolerable pain and the inability to use the hand. 

This rather quick surgery aims to relieve pain, improve arm and hand function, and prevent further damage to the ulnar nerve.